Handpicked Testimonials

  • "All you do is shoot robots like you would in a Call of Duty Zombies match and spend in-game money on weapons and weapon upgrades."
    - Some guy
  • "Wait, what? It's not in Early Access? This is a finished product?"
  • "this game is dead, i want my money back :- /"
    - Sad Steam User
  • "No female avatar, of course. I mean, a futuristic military force allowing women into its ranks? Don't be stupid."
    (the same) Sarcastic Reviewer
  • "The main problem of Final Rush, is the lack of players"
    - Steam User
    - Good guy steam user
  • "...sometimes they just decide to rush at you until you are surrounded and going to die after 2 seconds."
    - Grumpy Steam User
  • "Unreal Development Kit EULA. Looks like I'm in for a time. Still,Tower of Guns used UDK and that was fun, so maybe it'll be okay."
    Sarcastic Reviewer
  • "MAN DIS ♥♥♥♥ IS AUSSUM"
    - Sewer Hoovy
  • "It's like Killing Floor, only bad!"
    - Steam User

Situation Reports

  • Hello gamers!

    By on June 3, 2015

    Welcome to the brand new Final Rush website! We’ve moved the Final Rush information off the strikegames.net website during the redesign process. We’re preparing to launch into a new phase for Strike Games and Final Rush. I hope you’re as excited as we are to get started!

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